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I am Councilor Peter Lavina of Davao City, Philippines. I created this wiki to let my constituents interact with me. This is a two-way education medium, I, to learn from you, and you from me. I would like you to particularly comment and enchance on my legislative proposals. I would also be happy if you yourself can send in an idea or a ready draft Resolution or Ordinance which I can present to the City Council. I hope this wiki would help enhance citizens' participation in governance.

I would like to thank the pbwiki team for this wonderful platform. Also, I am grateful to Elmer Soriano who introduced me to wiki last year but I did not have time to pursue his many bright ideas.

This wiki will be a major feature in my blog Peter Lavina Council Votes where I track my legislative work.  You can also visit my main blog Peter Lavina New Blog where I chronicle my ABCs (Activities, Beliefs and Campaigns).


Read an Inquirer article about this project.


Hereunder are my most recent Proposed Resolutions and Ordinances. To participate in refining these ideas, please  do the following: 1)click on link below; 2)press "Edit page" icon on the upper left side of the page; 3)login; 4) start editing; 5)press 'Save'. If you want to practice first, Click here to enter Practice Page



Income tax break for minimum wage earners (for April 1)


Resolution of Condolence (for March 26)

Vic and Gil now writing under the universes best editor (Privilege Speech, Mar 25)

OFWs remain as our heroes (Privilege Speech, March 11)

Endorsement of NCCC IT Park Project (for Feb 26, requested by Ellen Jane F. Garcia)

Increase the share of LGUs in IRA (for Jan 15) 

Cities should have more IRA share (Privilege Speech, Jan 8)

Play of original Davao music compositions (drafted by Paolo Claudio of the songdavao egroup)

Administrative Order for the separation of statictics of Davao City (for January 8, 2008)

Concurrence Resolution on new City Assessor (as requested by the City Administrator, for Dec 4)

Convention Facility at SM Davao (for Nov 13 as suggested by Tess Piansay)

Resolution on Myanmar (for Oct 2 as requested by the Initiatives for International Dialogue)

Exclude Davao City in travel advisories (for Oct 2 as suggested by Vice Mayor Sara Duterte)

The seas are rising (Privilege Speech Sept 25)

Admission of youth in coops (contributed by the City Cooperative Development Office)

Opposition to increase in airport terminal fee (for August 28)

Devolution of land transport franchising to LGUs (for August 28)

Public Market Reform Program (for submission under 1st Reading)

Davao (Bangoy) International Airport Safety Ordinance (now under committee review)

Re-opening of the Chinese Consulate in Davao (for August 14) (with Comments)

MOA to intensify anti-illegal recruitment campaign (Approved on August 7)

Opposition to increases in government fees (Approved on August 7)

Local Health Care System (Approved for 1st Reading on August 7)

Privilege speech on redistricting of the whole country and correction in government statistics (August 7)

Proposed Davao City Budget






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